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Ancient Iberians are identified as modern eastern Georgians who have originated from the early Georgian state of Iberia. Caucasian Iberians should not be confused with some of the ancient inhabitants of the Roman Hispania, the Iberians of the Iberian Peninsula, or today's Spanish and Portuguese who are also referred to as Iberians.

Caucasian Iberia is the term designated to the Kingdom of Iberia (4th Century BC) established in eastern Georgia by the Georgians (Kartvelians). The King of Iberia - Farnavaz I - invented the Georgian alphabet in 284BC. He was also founder of the dynasty of Farnavazians. The capital of this kingdom was Mtskheta.

In the 4th century Saint Nino of Cappadocia took Christianity to the Kingdom of Iberia. In 327 it was adopted as the state religion by the rulers of Iberia, King Mirian and Queen Nana.

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